Photoshop photography program for everyone

Photoshop CC & Lightroom 5 – £8.78 per month

A few months back Adobe announced a “Photographers” deal with Photoshop and Lightroom for only £8.78 / month, but you needed to have a full version of CS3, CS4, CS5 or CS6 to qualify.

It’s now a deal for everyone until 2nd December 2013

This week Adobe in a moment of madness / sanity / black Friday deal / attention grabbing, you chose; decided to offer the same program to anyone even if they have never had a legit non-student copy of Photoshop.

Adobe is calling this the Photoshop Photography Program, but you need to move quick, no chance to put this on the Christmas list and wait until the end of December to get this one. In the terms of the program, Adobe says…

“After the first 12 months, we will automatically renew your contract based on the current price of the offering”

So in twelve months time you might still get a deal at £8.78 / month or you might not.

If you did happen to have a full copy of Photoshop CS3/4/5/6 in the back of a cupboard then you can get the deal until the end of December and Adobe has indicated that the £8.78 / month deal will continue after the 12 months.

On the left there is a link to buy a copy of Lightroom 5 from Amazon. It costs £96.06 at the time of writing. One year of subscription to the Photographers deal gives you Lightroom 5 AND Photoshop CC AND Bridge CC and would cost  £105.36. Ok at the end of the year you would still own and be able to use the retail version of Lightroom, but you won’t have had Photoshop for the year too.