eos-1d x firmware 2.0 in January 2014

EOS-1D X firmware update due January 2014

The top of the range professional EOS-1D X will get a firmware update in January to extend the range of control and customisation.

With such a significant functional improvement Canon will use the 2.0 moniker for the firmware, much like they have previously with the EOS 7D and the EOS 5D Mark II.

Canon USA says that the firmware update has five main categories:

  • Autofocus: improve low-light focus capability when tracking moving subjects in AI Servo AF
  • Autofocus: expanded range of Accel./Decel. Tracking settings to improve AI Servo AF stability when focus-tracking subjects moving at a consistent speed.
  • AF point management: Orientation Linked AF adds a new option to register only AF points rather than AF point plus area; Auto AF point selection in AI Servo can now start from the same AF point used last during Manual AF point selection.
  • Exposure control: Make Auto ISO even more viable (two important new changes), and a new option to maintain consistent manual exposure, even if aperture changes (such as if a tele extender is removed and shooting immediately begins after it’s removed)
  • Customization: New “back-button” options to instantly change AF characteristics on-the-fly

Canon Professional Network (CPN) also has detailed insights for the new firmware.

I’m left wondering if any of these updates will also find their way in to an EOS 5D Mark III update next year too. I’m particularly interested to see if the exposure control refinements can be added to the EOS 5D Mark III.