Cinema EOS CN-E 35mm T1.5 L F prime lens

Cinema EOS – new prime lens CN-E 35mm T1.5 L F

Canon says…

The launch of the new EF CN-E35mm T1.5 L F lens enhances Canon’s existing range of EF Cinema primes to a total of six lenses. The lens has been designed following strong demand from Cinema EOS users, and features a compact design that combines Canon’s acclaimed optics with fast performance – making it ideal for shooting in challenging low-light conditions. Ensuring consistency when shooting across a number of different Cinema prime lenses, the new 35mm lens provides colour reproduction that matches others in the range, as well as featuring the same form factor and uniform markings, making it easy to switch between lenses when on a shoot.

Cinema EOS CN-E 35mm T1.5 L F prime lens

This latest CInema EOS prime lens is expected to be available from December 2013.

Turn it up to 11

Cinema EOS cameras to go to ISO 80,000 – EIGHTY THOUSAND

EOS C500, EOS C300, EOS C100 will receive an update that allows the ISO to be raised to ISO 80,000 from the current ‘paltry’ ISO 20,000, making ISO stretch from ISO 320 to ISO 80,000 in full or 1/3-stop increments. Time for more black cat in coal cellar movies then.

Cinema EOS C500

EOS C500 _rear_cine85-600px-1744C500 will also get the ability to shoot with a wider range of gamuts, including DCI-P3+ and Cinema Gamut options. In addition, it will be possible to apply a BT.709, Wide DR or DCI-P3+ LUT to the outputs from the MON.1/2 terminals, increasing monitoring options on-set.

New 4K1K resolution RAW mode will allow shooting at up to 120fps using a cropped portion of the sensor.

Check out more in Canon’s press release

Cinema EOS C300

C300 gains the Wide DR gamma feature previously found on EOS C100 cameras. Wide DR offers 12-stops of dynamic range but with a less ‘flat’ image that requires less post production or colour grading. The EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM lens is also completely supported with continuous AF and enhanced auto exposure functions.


Cinema EOS EOS-1D C

The update will enable the aperture to be reported from the CN-E lenses and recorded in the camera meta data, plus extend the chromatic aberration correction function for the CN-E lenses. Audio recording will be adapted to support MIC and LINE level signals directly in to the camera.