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AutoStitch Panorama for iPhone

AutoStitch Panorama is an iPhone app that joins multiple pictures together. This stitching photography is something I have been doing for many years. Not long after I started to use digital cameras Canon introduced the Stitch Assist function to it’s PowerShot A5 and the companion PhotoStitch software. Using the camera and software together you could shoot multiple images and then join them to make panoramic pictures but also higher resolution images, Canon called it N x N stitching.

Earliest photostitch taken in 1998 with PowerShot A5

Earliest photostitch taken in 1998 with PowerShot A5

If you check the picture above you can see some faults, look at the traffic cone for one, and the colour balance change from the left to the right.

Since that time I’ve often made stitched pictures using either the Canon cameras and software or recently Photoshop. I know that many of the smartphones can also do stitches, but most are just linear – you need a wide or tall subject. A while ago the Bui Brothers introduced me to AutoStitch Panorama on the iPhone and I’m still loving it to this day.

AutoStitch Panorama – stitching made simple

autostitch panorama app for iPhone

Using the iPhone you can either shoot the images using whichever camera app you like, or shoot with the camera function built in to AutoStitch. However the best bit is that AutoStitch can do N x N stitches. Yes you can shoot a row of the scene, say five pictures across then you can shoot another set of five more pictures above that first pass and AutoStitch will merge all 10 pictures.

AutoStitch Panorama in Finland

In the early days of using AutoStitch I found a perfect subject, Lake Paijanne in Finland – 11 pictures shot vertically all stitched and then processed a bit in Snapseed on the iPhone 4. I’d forgotten about N x N stitching.

Sometimes the lens in the iPhone is just not wide enough… the Radcliffe Camera in Oxford is a stunning landmark, but you can’t really get far enough back. The picture below is made from 9 pictures, five along the bottom row and then four along the top. It makes a high resolution result that captures a wider perspective than the iPhone can do on it’s own.

autostitch radcliffe camera

AutoStitch Panorama is a bargain at £1.49 in the iTunes store, my only wish is that there was something as good on the Android platform.

Find out more, and try a Windows demo version of the software from the Bath University website.






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