Lastolite adds grids for Hotrod Octa & Strip Box

Hotrod Strip & Octa Box now with added control

Lastolite Hotrod Strip box fabric gridsLastolite’s popular Hotrod Strip Box and Octa Box are great for photographers who work with flash on location or even in the studio. Using the strip boxes to give accent light on the sides of athletes combined with a main light directly on the face is a great way to create powerful portraits. With the new fabric grids for both the Lastolite Hotrod Strip Box and the Octa Box it’s now possible to confine and direct the light with much less spill on to the background, and reduces the chances of lens flare if you angle the lights towards the camera.

Lastolite Hotrod Octa box fabric grids

Key for any grids, and these new fabric grids are no exception, is that they must be quick and easy to fit and remove, plus be durable and lightweight. This is essential for the photographer on the move as the kit tends to get assembled and disassembled much more often than equipment in a studio.

At the recent Focus on Imaging I used grids on the Lastolite EzyBox Octa II to give me precise control of the light direction, these new grids for the Lastolite Hotrod Octa and Strip Box are a welcome addition to the range. To match the different sizes of the Hotrod Octa Box and Strip Box the fabric grids come in several sizes with prices set to be around the £60 mark for each grid.

  • Fabric Grid for 70cm  Hotrod Octa LL LS2670
  • Fabric Grid for 90cm Hotrod Octa LL LS2690
  • Fabric Grid for 30cm x 120cm Hotrod Strip LL LS2630
  • Fabric Grid for 40 cm x 120cm Hotrod Strip LL LS2640

Press release from Manfrotto Lighting Ltd.

Manfrotto Lighting Limited, the world’s leading manufacturer of backgrounds and lighting control systems for the photo, video and cinema industry, announces the release of the new Hotrod Octa & Strip Box Grids

The new light modifying grids for the Hotrod Octa and Strip Softboxes are an essential accessory which allows photographers to control light spill. Favoured by many portrait photographers, the grids provide a controlled direction to the light which can be

positioned without having to worry about light spilling onto the background. The grids are extremely simple to fit. They attach to the softbox using the included diffuser panel and hook and loop tape. The nylon fabric construction also makes them a very durable and lightweight accessory.

The grids will be available shortly, but here’s a few links to the Hotrod Strip Box and Octa Box in case you need to get one first.



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