Firmware update version 1.1.3 for EOS 6D

EOS 6D firmware update v1.1.3 now available

EOS 6D firmware update v1.1.3 now available

Canon has made a new version of firmware available for the EOS 6D camera, it’s recommended for all customers with prior versions of the camera firmware to update to the latest version.

Download EOS 6D firmware version 1.1.3

Can says firmware update version 1.13 incorporates the following fix:

Fixes a phenomenon whereby the Date/Time/Zone settings screen appears on the LCD display, after the user has already configured these settings. The values for the Date/Time settings may reset if the backup functions which retain those values do not perform properly.

Even if the camera does not exhibit this phenomenon currently, it may in the future. We recommend that you update the Firmware to version 1.1.3 as soon as possible.

As it’s now April 2013, and half way through at that, I’m wondering when in the next two weeks will be the release of the updates for the EOS 5D Mark III that were “pre-announced” way back. The clean HDMI output was demonstrated on several EOS 5D Mark III cameras at the recent NAB show in Las Vegas so it can’t be far away…


Is your camera running the latest firmware?

All EOS DSLR camera firmware updates are available to download from the firmware update page.


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