Achieving a vintage look in Lightroom with presets

I recently did a vintage themed fashion shoot and rather fancied making my life a step or two simpler with some easy to apply vintage looks. I wanted something I could apply to a heap of images to show the intended direction for the edits.

Preset Heaven

A free set of seven Lightroom 4 Vintage Presets was found at Preset Heaven. They manipulate the looks via the curves, and since I don’t often work with the curves in Lightroom myself most of the common controls I refine images with are still readily accessible without breaking the looks.

You can download these great free vintage presets from Preset Heaven

Here’s a few pictures that have been processed only in Lightroom and the looks applied to give a vintage feel to the images. Click on the thumbnail images for large views.

For the technical minded these are shot with Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT’s controlled from the ST-E3-RT transmitter. In several shots the Speedlite is placed in a 60cm x 90cm Lastolite soft box.  The image of the model on the red sofa used a Speedlite place in the lampshade that is visible in the top of the image.

While it’s not fair to reverse engineer these free presets it is clear that I need to learn even more about Lightroom’s develop module. 🙂