PowerShot S100 the ideal camera for the photographer on holiday

Holidays we all love a break, the chance to recharge our batteries and maybe acquire a tan (or wet rot in the UK this year), but you can’t stop taking pictures and you know that the family will not expect you to carry the big camera all the time, but still want great holiday pictures

Photographers the PowerShot S100 is for you

Canon’s S-series cameras have been personal favourites of mine for many years, I love the mix of picture quality, controls, styling, size and also ease of use. The PowerShot S100 is the current model in the S-series line-up, and it is packed with features and technology but not overstuffed with pixels so it produces rather fine images. It’s also compact, around the same as two iPhones placed back to back. I used to use the PowerShot S95, but the S100 has now replaced it. But it’s not just for holidays I often use the S100 for the product photos featured on here.

Why I think it’s the ideal holiday camera for a photographer

  • Picture quality – 12MP with a comparativley big sensor and Canon’s HS system combined with a great lens sees to this
  • Full control and automation – yes M, Tv, Av, P and automatic modes that do wonders in the hands of less photo minded family members, even little ones
  • GPS – you can have the camera tag your pictures as you take them or log where you go, the logging eats batteries but the tagging can be useful to pinpoint exactly where was that spot you want to return to with a big camera some day
  • Full HD movies of course, though movies of you lying on a pool chair are not the most thrilling
  • Finally you can “beach proof” the camera with the optional underwater housing, put it in the case take it to the beach and wash any sand off in the sea 🙂

Maybe I better get packing for my holidays…