EOS Utility updates for EOS 5D Mark III

EOS Utility

I’ve just been looking over the new version of EOS Solution Disk for the EOS 5D Mark III and found a couple of small changes in EOS Utility. From a quick look I’ve seen some of the preferences have received a little update.

Date / Time options for filenames and folders

This is quite small, but finally you can configure the filenames (and folders too) with a date format that suits you without having to create a custom file / folder name structure.

Camera time update settings moved to preferences

Sometimes I half think there’s a couple of Canon software engineers who read my site and change these things to see if they catch me out.  I wrote in my post a few weeks back about how to get the software to automatically change the time in your camera – it will need a bit of an update as now the settings are in the EOS Utility preferences.

You can only get this version with the EOS 5D Mark III at this time, the updaters are not available online as yet. I’ve also found some other updates in Digital Photo Professional and I will post more about these in a future post.