EOS 5D Mark III firmware v1.04 enables 40MP resolution

I’ve just got the go ahead from a Canon spokesperson called April to to mention that there’s a new version of firmware coming for the EOS 5D Mark III that will enable a new 40MP resolution mode.

Firmware v1.04 enables 40MP mode

Once the new firmware is installed there’s a very special procedure to follow as below…

  • Switch on the camera whilst holding down every button on the camera except the M.Fn button
  • Tap the M.Fn button to bring up the additional menu to activate “Enhanced Resolution Mode” (ERM)
  • In the ERM menu select option 1-04 to choose the extended 40MP resolution [7,800 x 5,200 pixels]

The original specifications of the EOS 5D Mark III were to have more than 22MP, but feedback from many professionals indicated that 22MP was easily sufficient for all their work and so the specification was written as 22MP effective pixels in all the camera materials even though the hardware was actually much higher resolution. Now following the launch of the camera there are renewed requests for an EOS 5DX with many more pixels and so Canon has created firmware version 1.04 for the EOS 5D Mark III to address this need and fully leverage the hugely capable hardware platform.

40MP only available for professional users with firmware v1.04

EOS 5D Mark III - P for Professional 40MP mode

EOS 5D Mark III - P for Professional 40MP mode

Canon spokesperson April told me: “There’s a small issue with the firmware in that the camera will only deliver the full 40MP in the hands of professional photographers who know what they are doing and using the right camera settings. Such professionals usually use P for Professional so this is the only exposure mode that the full 40MP resolution will be available


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