April’s words spark traffic growth

April breaks all site traffic records

When I had the idea for the EOS 5D Mark III firmware update to activate 40MP resolution for my April fool joke I honestly expected, or hoped, for a bit more activity on my website than is usual on a Sunday. What I got was 12x more traffic than any other day in the last month, so thanks to everyone that shared it on facebook, retweeted it on twitter or simply passed it on to their friends. Just hope that some of you keep coming back to read the valuable and useful content I post.

It’s a hoax – an April fool

I’m not sure why so many people picked up on this joke post for the first of April – so called April Fools day? Maybe there’s a latent desire or hankering for more megapixels in the EOS 5D Mark III after all?

I did think that there were enough clues in the post for it to be instantly obvious but fortunately all the April and 1.04 (1st of April date) references just seemed to fit in and support my joke. So after my initial draft of the post, I added the bit about P for Professional to further make the hoax even less likely, or to at least make sure readers who got that far down the post realised it was a joke.

Even the fakers liked it and played along

@p4pictures Wait until you hear about the 67MP resolution in firmware 1.17

- @fcwestfall - Fake Chuck Westfall

This morning a Chinese language website unwire.hk picked up the story and posted it as news on their site. Brian – 1, Chinese content scrapers – 0

So now i’ll switch to writing comedy posts and give up on all the camera information, wisdom and photography training then – no that’s not going to happen. 🙂