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I’ve reached my own blog milestone with this post, it’s blog post number 100 to be published here on p4pictures. When I started blogging on this site I had many ideas and thoughts about what I would say, things started off slowly and admittedly last summer it got a bit slow for updates, but at the beginning of 2012 I set myself the goal of 2 posts per week for this year. So far I’m ahead of my target and there’s a big bad spreadsheet that constantly reminds me to keep the posting rate on track.

My “special” posts

Over the course of 100 posts there’s a few that were standout successes, the first was the post targeted to new owners of DSLR cameras and explained how to get the camera to only take pictures with a memory card inside. It was picked up by a good few Canon fans (and employees) making me a happy new blogger with some traffic. One post does not make all the success, and I’ve found that it a good challenge to make content for the blog, but sometimes other people inspire content for you. My good friend Glyn Dewis had a post about sausage finger syndrome, I saw the opportunity to reply to his post with how to overcome sausage finger syndrome on Canon cameras using a few custom functions (C.Fn) for several different Canon cameras. It’s strange that this is still the most commented post on the site 🙂

EOS 600D - 'Easy Wireless' off-camera flash

EOS 600D - 'Easy Wireless' off-camera flash

One post that I wrote about how to use Easy Wireless mode to control off-camera Speedlites with the EOS 600D was loved by many and remains one of the most read posts on the site to this day. Quite surprisingly (ok not that much) my post in December about a Speedlite flash reaching 90km was picked up, and I was taken to task for my poor maths.

Keep up to date with all the news on the blog since there’s new content on there at least twice a week now…


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Full-time photo tutor and photographer. I love to share my knowledge and skills to make photos, videos and teach others. I write books and articles for photo magazines and I always have at least one Speedlite flash in my camera bag