Who are the Canon guys, and new Speedlite videos

Thanks to twitter follower @garyvorster for asking me the following question that lead to this post.

I was wondering, Nikon has Kelby and McNally, but who are our Canon ambassadors? Apart from yourself of course!

- Gary Vorster @garyvorster

They say flattery gets you everywhere, but this got me thinking; Who are the Canon guys? One of the first guys to come to mind was Syl Arena the author of possibly the most comprehensive Canon flash book ever – The Speedliters Handbook. Since Gary had mentioned ambassadors it also makes good sense to mention Canon Europe’s Ambassadors too. Then with a bit more thinking I recalled Canon USA’s Explorers of Light Program, and then…

New Speedlite videos on Canon Digital Learning Centre

Whilst on the Explorers of Light page I found this new series of videos from Canon USA’s Digital Learning Center. Featuring Explorer of Light Bruce Dorn there’s nine new videos showing the use of Speedlites indoors and out. Some show the use of simple equipment like the EOS 60D, could have been an EOS 600D, and Speedlites 270EX II and 320EX. Others go the whole way with Speedlite 580EX II and also triggering with pocket wizards. These videos were just put on the site a few days ago so you might not have seen them and they are worth a look if you’re trying to work out how to make more of your flash than simply put it on the camera hotshoe and hope.




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