Check your document colour profile in Photoshop

I’ve recently been involved with reviewing entries from several photographers for a local camera club competition. According to the rules the entries were supposed to be JPEG images and tagged with the sRGB colour profile. It was quite a surprise to see so many of the entries with either no profile or often the one associated with the photographers computer monitor.

How do you easily see the profile of each image?

Document profile

Document profile

Photoshop has a neat configurable option for the image windows you have open. Just below the image in the bottom border is a space that probably tells you the image size in megabytes, however click the little triangle to the right and you can select from a number of other options. I mostly leave Photoshop set to Document Profile so that I can instantly tell if an image has the correct colour profile attached or if I need to convert it to a more appropriate colour space for my intended output.

I’ve found that the Mac screen grab utility captures an image and assigns it the colour profile associated with the screen it was captured from, not a standard sRGB profile, seeing this in the panel below the image reminds me to convert screencaptured images to sRGB for use on the blog for example.


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