Canon Speedlite flash photography on location

With a full year of blogging, working for myself and other fun stuff it’s time to look back at the year that’s oh so nearly over.

I’ve had a great year, enjoyed myself, made some great photos, told some stories, trained, written presentations and a chunk of a book. I had planned to write my own performance review for 2011 as this post, but in preparing for the post I found the performance review approach was quite lengthy and also was better for me to have as a guide to greater success in 2012. Readers will see the effects of the review in the coming year though.

In this year I have advanced in many ways, but the one area of the small business that needs constant attention is the contact with likeminded colleagues. Far from being a self-help group the network pushes each of it’s members to greater things. I’m fortunate to have found my “photo network” amongst folks I’m more than happy to take tea or curry with. It’s all too easy to sit at a computer surfing the web, playing with pictures but not doing things. You only get food, knowledge, business, gear etc by doing, the network of friends and colleagues pushes the buttons for me to do more, and I thank each and every one of them them for it.

Photography wise it started quietly, but with several shoots in the spring both outdoors and in a studio I fell that I’ve developed a style for people pictures that I want to pursue some more. Styles change and if it doesn’t then i’m not learning anything or pushing myself enough.

I’ll keep the post short and share one more image from my last studio shoot of 2011.

model: Bethany F

model: Bethany F

Happy New Year



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