Better Images with Canon Lenses and Flash

I’m so happy to have received a couple of advance copies of a new book that I worked on over the summer. Better Images with Canon Lenses and Flash has been jointly written by Jukka Kolari, Peter Forsgård and me and was created to help photographers understand which lenses, flashes they might want to add to their EOS camera systems and the kinds of photos that these additional lenses and Speedlites can make possible. The book is already available in Finland in Finnish and the copies I have just received are from the first production in English.

Better Images with Canon Lenses & Flash, by Jukka Kolari, Peter Forsgrad, Brian WorleyI was honoured to have been asked to co-author this book. My fellow co-authors Jukka and Peter have already had a Better Images with Canon DSLR cameras book out for several years, and that has had a print run exceeding 350,000 copies in a range of languages, so we’re all hoping for great success with the new book.

The book looks at many types of photo situations, people, travel, nature and some specialist fields such as airshows and concerts. It provides photo tips as well as gear suggestions to suit a range of pockets. Interspersed with real professional photographer insights including Canon Ambassadors Jeff Ascough and Brutus Östling it’s a great book – but then I’m possibly a bit biased 🙂


Release date in UK is not yet known, but for sure I’ll put a note up when it’s available.


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