Swedish Chameleon SC2 HD DSLR shoulder rig and follow focus

Canon’s EOS 5D Mark II was a nice surprise for film makers, a camera that shot video in low light, was compact, inexpensive and high quality. However it was not optimised for movie makers and cameramen used to shoulder mounted cameras. As a result many companies have produced HDSLR rigs that enable movie makers to place their EOS camera in a more suitable position to shoot video. At a recent tradeshow in the UK I got to have a look over the Swedish Chameleon SC2 shoulder rig and follow focus unit for DSLR movie making. There’s a short video of me with the rig shot by Dave Newton on the EOS Network site, and embedded below.

Thanks to Dave Beck at The Flash Centre for the chance to borrow the rig off their stand during a busy tradeshow. It was a bit of a shame when they wanted it back as I had found it really comfortable and easy to adjust for the video story above.

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