An excellent Photoshop resource

Taking advantage of some recent work I’ve had the need to review a couple of my skills in Photoshop, and one of the places that I keep returning to is Russell Brown‘s tips. Russell Brown is an Emmy Award-winning instructor who is also the Senior Creative Director at Adobe Systems Incorporated, and I like his approach and sense of fun.

Photoshop tips

Regardless of which version of Photoshop you happen to be using there’s a huge archive of tips and tricks available with short movies that demonstrate the tools and tips. One tip that I have found particularly valuable showed how the spot healing tool in CS5 uses content aware fill. The example in the tutorial movie uses power lines in a shot of a building to demonstrate but I’ve been applying the same technique to removing stray hairs from pictures of some models. It works really nicely even if the stray hair crosses the model’s eye.

Photoshop scripts

In addition there’s a scripts page with actions and scripts to download that allow you to quickly add functions to Photoshop. Need to watermark a lot of images with a logo or text, there’s a simple Watermark Panel script that will add this function to Photoshop CS5