Updates for Canon software available

With the launch of each new EOS DSLR Canon updates the suite of software that supports it’s cameras. Usually the changes are incremental, typically adding support for the new camera and any new features it may have. Good thing is that the new software is also freely available for download by Canon users so they can benefit from the latest features. To install the updated software you will need to have an installation of an older version on your computer.

EOS Utility 2.10 software available to downloadOne feature that I have found in the latest EOS Utility update is the possibility to transfer only JPEG images when shooting tethered to a computer like you may do in the studio. Whilst USB is usually quick enough the 18 and 21MP cameras often produce 25MB RAW images that take a few seconds to transfer then they need to be decoded too. With the latest version of EOS Utility v2.10 you can shoot RAW and JPEG on the camera and only have the JPEG image sent to the computer.

Compare the two screenshots of the preferences from the older v2.9 and new v2.10 EOS Utility software.

Older version EOS Utility 2.9

EOS Utility 2.10 adds new feature

Option to transfer only JPEG images in 2.10

I also think that this option is designed to help speed up transfers using WiFi transmitters. It has always been possible to send only JPEG images if you use FTP mode for the WiFi transmitters, but if you are using EOS Utility / PTP mode to get EOS Utility to operate over WiFi instead of USB then you would have no choice but to send the RAW images, now you can set the camera to shoot RAW + JPEG to it’s memory card and have only the JPEG transferred to EOS Utility and your computer.

You can download the new version of Digital Photo Professional v3.10 and EOS Utility 2.10 from the Canon Europe software download service http://software.canon-europe.com also Canon USA has the software and update PDF manuals in English on their site, don’t be concerned about this being the EOS Digital Rebel T3i page the software will work with older EOS cameras just fine.

I’ve heard from twitter follower Tim Allen that there’s an improved distinction between the cursor when using the crop tool in DPP, though I am still looking for more new features.

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