Tecco paper Iridium Silver Gloss ISG250

Just recently I’ve had the chance to evaluate an interesting new media from Tecco, the Iridium Silver Gloss ISG250 is a 250gsm glossy paper with a surface that looks a little like the iridescent smooth surface you find inside oyster shells. The paper is part of Tecco’s photographers selection and they claim it is a high resolution paper, in my testing there’s certainly plenty to support that claim, great edge details, strands of hair all rendered with clarity.

As with all their papers Tecco includes a sheet with recommended driver settings for a range of Canon, Epson and HP printers including the Canon imagePROGRAF models. I elected to make my own profiles and started with their suggested paper setting of Glossy Photo 240gsm I soon made a profile with an X-Rite ColorMunki. The ColorMunki only needs two sheets of A4 sized media for it’s profiles, but you do need to wait the same amount of time for the ink/paper combination to settle after printing test patches. While the ColorMunki software suggests a few minutes drying time, I have found that the Canon imagePROGRAF iPF5100 is best left for an hour to settle. It makes creating profiles a little slow, but they are better for the time spent.

First up I tried printing monochrome images, it seemed that these would be ideally suited to the paper characteristics and indeed they were. Good blacks, and sparkling whites with a good glossy surface even with the pigment ink laid down by the printer. What turned out to be the real surprise was the performance with colour images, both landscapes and portraits. In fact there’s been nothing that I have printed that doesn’t work well on this media. What’s more you don’t need to apply special fixers or sealers like some of the other metallic or metalised foils that are available to print on.

High Dynamic Range images

Winters Coming by Allan Thomson

Winters Coming by Allan Thomson -

One scene I printed was the above high dynamic range image of a winter landscape for fellow blogger and photographer Allan Thomson. It’s a shame that you can’t see the rendition of the print in a photograph, but if you are interested in high dynamic range images the Iridium Silver Gloss paper is one you should try using.

Tecco’s website has more information on their media range, and you can also download ICC profiles in case you don’t have the tools to make your own. I’m looking forward to more print testing with some fibre-based tecco BTG300 Baryt Glossy media too.

disclosure: Tecco provided a pack of 25 sheets of A3 sized Silver Iridium Gloss paper that has been used for testing and producing this post.

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