From little tweets do blog posts grow, guest blogging at Frank Doorhof’s

Last week I was quickly reading some tweets while waiting to start my day’s presenting task and saw a tweet from Dutch photographer Frank Doorhof. I’ve exchanged quite a few twitter conversations with Frank over the last year or more and Frank’s tweet was asking for pictures that he would critique. I had the final image from my dual black and white conversion using blend modes on my iPhone, so sent it in for critique. Frank’s appraisal was quickly returned via twitter

Great mood and look, would have liked the head tilled the other way to make the image more “flowing” but overall love it.

Later Frank contacted me asking about a possible article for a blog post, that post is now live on Frank’s blog. I’m sure that Frank will be doing another critique on twitter in the future so if you don’t already follow Frank then make sure to follow @frankdoorhof

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