Autumn Winter fashion colour trends for 2011 by Pantone

With the fashionistas sitting in show after show of the latest Autumn Winter 2011 fashion shows, the most photographic related topic I could write about would be fashion photography from the professional pit. However one topic that is close to photographers and fashion designers hearts is colour. In the case of photographers we often trust in a few products to ensure our colours are correct. How many people have taken test shots with a Gretag Macbeth c24 patch colour chart in them, or used an i1 device to create a profile for monitors and printers. With consolidation in the colour management industry Gretag Macbeth is part of the X-Rite company portfolio and so is Pantone.

Pantone Fall 2011 – The Art of Color –

Each fashion season Pantone makes a palette of the key colours from the shows in New York fashion week, and makes them available in a simple format to download in to your Adobe applications. I’ve found that the palette of colours from Pantone also works well if you can mix it in your photography. In addition for past seasons, Pantone also keeps the older colours on their site. Mens colours and womens colours for Fall 2011 are both available on the Pantone website now. While fashion may not be your main area of photographic interest, information as to the current colours that are influencing designers and by inference their customers may be of value.

Enough of the diversion back to haul out the ColorMunki and profile some new media for my printer