At the start of 2010 I made a number of resolutions, looking back I’m pleased with how many of them turned out. First up was my desire to move from a very heavily work biased work-life balance to a life-work balance. This one took some brave steps but by year end I had completely changed my working world, having switched corporate life for self-employed. I’m sure that self-employed life is not all holiday and no work, but at least I’ve chosen self determination instead of committee management determination of my time and direction.

With the onset of self-employment the random photo kit purchases have also stopped, items are now business linked and so have to be justified differently, even in my own thinking. I’ve even managed to sell off some of the less used equipment which has allowed me to concentrate on using the equipment I have.

I’ve also pushed the shutter button more this year, and more of the time there are people in front of the camera, and not just fortunately aligned strangers, but posed & lit models. I’ve further refined my photography with an increased use of flash on location.

The one topic that has not really been completed is the reduction of the reading pile. Last year I had several books to read, some are still unread and there’s one or two more on the pile though in fact the pile is no larger than it was last year. Must try harder in 2011.