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Pictures of 2023 – day 12

Studio Portrait Workshops In 2023 I ran a series of small group studio workshops. These workshops were packed with learning about working with models, lighting, and also a lot of …

Brian Worley, photographer and trainer

Hi I’m Brian…

I love to help people create better images. Ask me for help and training to use your camera, flash or photo software. I work with individuals and companies, who book me for online and face-to-face 1-2-1 training , workshops and technical articles. is the place to find a solution to your photo problems. I’ve spent over 20 years building my knowledge. This means I convert the many pages of instruction manuals in to practical, better ways for you to make pictures.

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Workshops, training & events

  • Aug

    Workshop: Studio Photography

  • Sep

    Workshop: Studio Photography

  • Oct

    Studio Portrait Event for Pinner Camera Club Pinner Pinner, England

  • Oct

    Workshop: Studio Photography

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Brian’s EOS info and tips for 2023